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Golden Moments

Soumya Roopa

It was a joyous moment, when we were called by Bhagwan for an interview on 22nd feb 1987, Sunday .Bhagwan spoke to us the final year under graduates and post graduates studends, from 4.20pm till 5.45 pm. In the interview room at prashanthi nilayam, we had prayed for this valuable interview for many months, since it would perhaps be the only interaction with Bhagwan before we left the portals of His university.
Swami knows everything, all that you do .But you don‟t know that Swami knows everything, that is the difference between you and Me .The reason for this is your ignorance. Even death is better than ignorance. There are three reasons for ignorance- Mala, Vikshepa and Avarna.

Mala is the accumulations of sins from birth to death. Whatever food we take in has to be excreted out or it will cause discomfort. If there is a bad smell in the room, we must open the windows and light some fragrant inscense sticks. In the same way when the accumulated bad karmas are not removed one does not get peace. Bad thought comes due to food, environment etc but they must be eliminated from the mind or they will disturb our peace of mind. Only a diamond can cut a diamond, only a thorn can remove a thorn. We cannot take away bad karmas by any other method except by doing good karmas.
Vikshepa means wavering mind. Mad monkey and mind can be controlled only by good thoughts, deeds and Satsanga. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was a priest maintained by Rani Rasmani, Sri Ramakrishna loved barfis. She used to give him Rs.5/- monthly, which used to suffice him for 3 months because he used to eat only barfies. One day he was sitting in satsanga , as we are sitting now; and, as he was a very good singer , the Rani asked him to sing a devotional song., with full devotion and feeling he sang a song .The Rani swayed with the rhythm and appeared to be immersed in the music. After the song , Sri Ramakrishna suddenly gave a slap across the Rani‟s face when he saw her nodding her head. The people were shocked , they thought ,now how could he do such a thing, she is a Rani and he is her servant and that too in a full assembly. The Rani thought that he must have gone mad, as many used to say. Finally a few asked him the cause of action. He replied – “she was sitting here but her mind was in high court”. For Ramakrishna none were high or low, all were equal. We should be present in both body and mind .You sit with books but mind keeps roaming and you start dozing over the books. It is inevitable to get bad thoughts due to environment, food etc, but , one should not follow them.
The third one is Avarna, it is that which envelope us, we think –I am a girl, Brahmin student etc this is because you identify yourself with the outer body(covering). But you are not this, you are the Athma swarupa. Just because your parents are Brahmins, you call yourself Brahmins. For example, coal covered with ash, water covered by moss and eye blinded by a veil(cataract) you must blow at the ash, remove and blow away bad deeds by namasmarana. Remove moss with the hands – that is Bhajan, remove cataract with operation i.e., Jana and satsanga. Doesn‟t pay heed to thoughts which are the outcome of body consciousness, Buddhi is superior to the senses and mind is the master. King Uttanapada had 2 wives- Suneeti and Suruchi, because of their quarrel, Dhruva had to go to the forest. Similarly, king Dasharatha had three wives. Because of the youngest, he had to send Rama to the forest and due to the pangs of separation he burnt into ashes.
When Narada was taking Sri Krishna to sell in the bazaar, Narada sings that no one should have two wives or they will be in the state in which Krishna was. If this is the state of a man who has three wives what about the man who has ten wives i.e.10 Indriyas. These indriyas have doors which are always open .pigs, dogs, donkeys anything can go in and out. Only two indriyas have tight doors, they are eyes and mouth. The eyes have lids and the mouth has lips, with the eyes – see no evil, with the mouth- speak no evil. The ten wives demand everything from the man , the mouth wife asks for good food , the eyes ask for media, cinema etc, ears for radio etc. Now whom all he should please? In the process he goes mad , the mind which is the master becomes cheap in front of his wives, he becomes their slave. Never follow the dictates of bad thoughts. Example there was a diamond merchant he had to go through a forest to get to the other side of the town. He was going very fast as he was afraid of robbers. In this hurry he dropped one of the diamond packets, soon after , two friends came along that way and found the packet. They were surprised by the dazzling gems. They decided to share the gems, but inside the older man‟s mind bad thoughts began to enter. He thought” why divide the gems ?”. So, he told the other ma.” Younger brother, you sit under this tree with these gems. I will go to the town and get food for you so that we can go the other way; if I go with all these gems to the town it won‟t be safe.” Saying so he went to the town entered a nice hotel and ate his fill. Then he packed sambar rice and curd rice for his friend. He then went to the chemist‟s shop and took the strongest poison and mixed it with the rice. Meanwhile, the other friend‟s mind was also entertaining the bad thoughts and he began to sharpen his knife. Now the elder man took the gems from the younger one and sat under another tree while he gave the food for him to eat. Then, quickly the younger man came from the back and stabbed him on the neck.then, feeling happy that he had got all the diamond for himself he sat down to eat, but immediately he died due to strong poison. The packet went through many hands and finally reached the King. So, this is what happens when the mind entertains bad thoughts. Friends are selfish and do everything with self interest, no one is selfless.
What is the essence of education? Essence of education is concentration of mind and not the collection of facts. The meaning of education is to put into practice whatever we have learnt. Practice makes man perfect . The end of education is character , Swami‟s life is His message. Swami never calls one girl or lady alone for interview though He is like a father, because people will also follow Him. Education is life not for living; it is not for filling the belly. Even thieves, dacoits, gurkhas etc who are illiterate fill their bellies. What is the difference between men and beasts? At least animals have a season and no reason, man has no season and no reason. He is only caught up in sensuous matters. Education should teach one to do good things.
For example-
There were two friends Lakshmi and Shoba. They did four years of B.Sc (they failed one year). They were very good friend, After B.Sc Shoba got married and went with her husband to Madras. Meanwhile lakshmi got a job. Usually girls get a job very easily in banks and telephone exchange. The girls will ring up any number and sing” chal chal re naijavan”. Lakshmi also changed her name to Lakshmi Narayana, as her‟s fathers name was Narayana. This was very wrong for she took her fathers name, that place is meant only for her husband‟s name. You should not imitate westerns culture as it leads to the confusion and dire consequences, let‟s see how. Lakshmi got a transfer to Madras, so she wrote a letter to Shoba saying that she should meet her at railway station. She wanted to stay in her house still she gets accommodation. But she did not end like this, she wrote- we stayed for four years together, slept in the same bed, stayed in the same room and ate from the same plate. Have you forgotten your friend just because you are married now? Why haven‟t you written to me? She then signed her name has Lakshmi Narayana. The husband was sitting in the drawing room so the postman gave the letter to arrived. The husband saw a women getting down and entering his house .He asked her who she was? She said that she was Lakshmi and sent a post card that she would be coming. “oh! ,so you are Lakshmi Narayana!” said the man. He took her to his wife shoba and she scolded her saying “What sort of friend are you to spoil a home! “. If she hadn‟t come then they would have been divorced. Thus friend should be only to help each other and not to destroy one another‟s life.
Education should teach discrimination and not say- What is wrong in doing this or that. Swami then told the story of the educated man who married his sister.
There are 200 and more universities in India, what was the need for setting up these universities. There is no college fees, neither exam fees are collected from the students, nor does the government or UGC‟s grant any sort of aid. Does Swami have no other work to set up a university? No, no, it is for the benefit of the students. Even if ten students become exemplary the education is worth it .Every month Swami grants Rs.5 lakhs for the teachers. He gives the pay on 31st of every month so as not to cause inconvenience.
Don‟t have anything to do with boys, don‟t even look at them because next you will smile, then talk, write letters and finally you will play and it will lead to a relationship. This is extremely bad, so first thing is that you should not see the boys. If a boy talks to you say-“get out idiot”! but don‟t smile .Have connection only with Divinity, unity with divinity gives happiness and pleasure. Don‟t maintain diaries and write “this boy smiled at me, that boy said this etc”. It is very dangerous , if your husband sees it he will beat you and even kill you, it will lead to grave consequences.
If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost it can be recouped but if character is lost everything is lost. The heart is not a double sofa, nor is it a musical chair where one chap goes and another comes. It is a single sofa only for Divinity and good thoughts; one should have purity of heart. Don‟t have anything to do with boys, girls should not be like a bitch surrounded by 10 male dogs. Girls should bring good name to her family, in-laws and herself and husband. If boys do something society doesn‟t point a finger, but if girls do, her whole life will be shattered. If a girl laughs loudly in front of a man, society will talk and each mouth becomes a loudspeakers, even parents will throw you out. Don‟t have any connection with boys, though you may be called uncivilized, you should bring good name to your family . Our body, blood, food etc are the gift of your parents. So you should make them happy, show gratitude to the institute where you are studying.
When there is an unmarried sister in the house the brother should not bring his friends to the house, he should meet them some where outside, similarly when there is a brother at home the sister should not bring her friends home. Let your parents help you to choose a man for you for marriage. You all are innoscent and do not know the world, a man may fool you and want to marry you, hiding the fact that he is already married, you will know it later and be shocked hence , let your parents help you to get married. they have seen the world more than you and will always wish the best for you. You all laugh so loudly in the hostel, what you are in the hostel is what you are in the institute and what you are in the institute, you will take out with you. If girls laugh loudly it will lead to misunderstanding, disgrace, hurting others and finally destruction, you should be exemplary. For example you know that Draupadi laughed at Duryodhana in the Maya Mahal, actually Draupadi didn‟t laugh some of the maids around her laughed. When Duryodhana looked up he saw Draupadi and thought that she had laughed at him. Then he vowed to disgrace her in the public.
Lakshmana laughed loudly during the coronation ceremony of lord Rama. Each one present there thought that Lakshmana was laughing at him (due to a guilty conscience).Lord Rama knew everything but in order to clarify the cause to everyone , lord Rama asks Lakshmana the reason for his laughter. Then Lakshmana tells him that all the 14 years spent in the forest, he hadn‟t slept, but now in this august assembly he is feeling sleepy. So he was laughing and asking Nidra Dev(Godess of sleep) why she had come to him at this time. that was all so be careful of your conduct.
After this interview Bhagawan said that we will all pass and get „O‟ grade, we will all do well. He then created vibuthi and gave to all of us. He permitted to take photograph with Him. After we came out of the interview room we sat in rows, Bhagawan came out and gave us all padanamaskar and vibuthi packets. He spoke to each girl and answered their queries about what they should do further.
Our class of girls offered robe and pitambar, handkerchief and two gold buttons to Bhagwan . Bhagwan refused to take the golden buttons. On our persistent request He pressed the two gold buttons to His heart and then gave it back to a girl who had lost her parents. The Lord showed her silently that He was her Divine Mother and Father .Then He took our letters with which we had attached a list of our names. He took a quick look at the letter, the list of names and then pressed it to His Heart.
(To be continued in the next article of Venugaanam in the Golden Moments Series)

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