Friday, 4 January 2013

Book Recommendations

                Prakash Srinivasan

One of the most constructive pastimes is reading of books and all of us have definitely read many books in our lives though our interests would vary. Even with the advent of computers, tablets and the latest technology the art of book-reading never seems to wane. Of course, the format of reading has changed to ebooks and it is another sunrise industry in the making. In the olden days book shops were the favourite hangout places for many people and even today many people swear by it though the numbers have dwindled.
Books have influenced our lives and some great books have even changed lives, I talk about a few books that have changed my life and made it more enriching.
1. Tough Times Do not Last but Tough People Do: This is a classic bestseller by acclaimed author Robert Schuller. Whenever you feel down, you can pick up any random page from this book and after 5 minutes you will feel that your trouble is not as big as we think and many people have gone though worse situations.
2. The 4 Hour Work Week: This is a pathbreaking book by Tim Ferris where he talks about how we can escape the 9-5 drudgery and live life doing what we really love and yet live comfortably.
3. Mahabharata by C.Rajagopalachari: This is a wonderful and concise retelling of one of the greatest epics of the world. Rajagopalachari narrates the wondrous tale in a simple way yet effective manner preserving the tension in the story.
4. Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder: This is a book that I read recently and it talks about the 5 Tibetan rites (simple yogasanas) which will keep us in the best of health and it has also defied ageing and made people come back to their youthful appearance in many cases.

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