Saturday, 1 December 2012

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We are delighted to bring to you the December 2012 edition of Venugaanam. This edition begins with Swami’s Divine call to His devotees and students to give Him a special birthday gift. While the Divine is free from all desires, yet for the welfare of His devotees, He too expects us to give this one gift to Him. What is this gift and what is the best way to please Swami? Read this discourse of Swami and know it in His own words.
In Atmajyothi, we continue the deliberation on realizing our inner nature and true potential. We are  all aspects of the One Self and this deliberation throws light on how we can de-identify ourselves from the body mind complex.
Grama Seva in Puttaparthi has always been a source of much inspiration and joy to all involved. In this interesting article named, Autobiography of a tractor, Bhargav shares his perspective on the role played by even a simple tractor and how the Grama Seva vehicle is a harbinger of joy in every village that it enters.
Arun Krishnamurthy narrates a beautiful episode from his experience as student of Swami in Parthi. Love is Divine but when that love has the Lord as its source, then it is that much sweeter. Its leads to the realization that “To Know God is to Love God”
SowmyaRoopa shares her experiences as a student of the Anantapur campus. In the series called Golden moments , she narrates incidents that happened during those precious years and specific instructions from Swami to improve our lives. In this article she shares the life of Shirdi Sai as narrated by Parthi Sai.  Prakash speaks on the havoc played by the prevalence of greed in societal transactions. He shares his opinion on how a balance of requirements with ceiling on desires can help us to develop as better humans.
There have been some significant developments last month.  Construction is progressing rapidly and the masonry , plumbing and electrical work are being done for the first floor also.
Swami's  birthday celebrations were held on 23rd November morning at Phase 1 of Sai Krushna Mandir amidst much grandeur. It was wonderful to have students, devotees and their families participate in the simple but satisfying function.The great take away from this function was the amount that can be achieved when dedicated families and individuals come together for Swami's work keeping Him as the center and reason of their lives. As Swami says, when like minded people unite for a noble purpose, wonders can be achieved. The best part of the function involved the procession of the construction workers who were given a standing ovation amidst loud cheering as they entered Sai Krushna Mandir and felicitated for their significant contribution towards the building. Read more in the update on construction and Swami’s birthday celebrations update.
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Happy reading! Wish you all a Very happy and festive Christmas. Even as we celebrate the birthday of Christ - may Swami turn our lives into a celebration of His message of love and service.
With All our Prema,
Team Venugaanam
Sai Krushna Charitable Trust

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