Friday, 1 February 2013

Astrology and Spirituality: Sun- Harbinger of life


The vibrant orange orb, peeped into the world from the eastern horizon, beckoning all the denizens to forsake the lap of sleep and start the day. The cock announced the arrival of the morn and the birds were on their wings. The temple bells called the devout for worship, azaan echoed from a nearby mosque, a cowherd set out with his flock of cattle to the country side and a pious housewife adorned her doorstep with tasteful rangolis.

Sun is the harbinger of life. It is the basis of life and vitality. It provides sustenance to the entire creation on earth. In Vedic traditions, it signifies the soul at the causal level, the power of will, self confidence and self esteem at the mental level and our skeletal system and the digestive fire at the physical level.  Sun is self-luminous and gives light and warmth to us. In the same way, individuals with a strong Sun are warm, magnanimous and charismatic personalities. They are the cynosure of all eyes in any social gathering. Sun signifies eyes in a human body; hence a strong sun gives lustrous and healthy eyes.

Sun scrupulously follows its trajectory without fail on its golden chariot pulled by seven horses signifying the seven days. Its size and apparent motion never changes. Comparatively, moon has different phases and other planets have retrogression i.e. apparent backward motion w.r.t earth. Individuals with a strong influence of Sun are very scrupulous in their day to day life, very prompt in following the rules and occupy posts in government and judiciary. They are very straight forward in their dealings with people, don’t mince words in communicating with fellow beings and are poor diplomats.

The sun hits menacingly when it reaches the regions of noon. Sun type people are tough task masters. They can be ruthless if their orders are not complied with. When the energy of sun is not used judiciously it makes a person arrogant, overweening and a megalomaniac. If placement of Sun is weak in a horoscope the individual is low on self confidence, withdrawn, gets anxious for small obstacles in life and has a weak constitution.

They have a natural regality in their demeanour as sun is the king of all the planets and also the lord of the zodiac sign Leo the lion. Sun represents father in a family as he is the figure head of the family. It signifies the heart which is the most vital component of a human body. It also signifies the skeletal system especially the spinal column. The digestive fire which sustains the whole body is also represented by Sun or surya. Weak sun in a horoscope results in ailments of heart and digestion.

Sun gives confidence and self esteem to an individual. It imparts a ruddy complexion, a broad frame, a deep sonorous voice and flair to dramatize a conversation.

The Sun gives the power of resistance and immunity. It is responsible for our physical makeup - the body's constitution. The Sun gives life force, the power of will, intellect, brilliance, prosperity, success in worldly affairs, wealth, personal conduct, activity, cheerfulness, good fortune, wisdom, ambition, fame, the understanding of the phenomenal world, and the knowledge of medicine.

Lord Rama the scion of Sun dynasty sitting in a throne with broad shoulders, lustrous eyes, a steady gaze, left hand holding the bow which is the tormentor of evil doers, a frame full of brilliance served by all his devotees and ruling the kingdom with truth and righteousness is the best symbolism of the Sun.
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