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A Birthday Gift- Divine Discourse

Emodiments of Love!
You must be thinking about the gift you have to offer Swami on this Birthday.
You can be happy that you have given Swami a proper gift only when you love your fellowmen, share their sufferings, and engage yourselves in serving them. That is the only gift I wish for. The present given to God has to be pure, steady and selfless Love.
On this birthday I have only one desire. I am desiring this only to promote your aanandha.
Rich people and people in power have plentiful servants. But the distressed, the poverty-stricken, and those who suffer have no one to serve them. Go to such people and be their friends, their kith and kin, their closest well-wishers. Let them welcome you as such. If you pour spirituality into the ears of those who are tortured by hunger, it will not be assimilated. First,   quench the hunger. Give them God in the form of food. Give them God in the form of clothes. Give God in the form of peace to those who are afflicted with anxiety. Give God in the form of medicine to those who are suffering from ill health. Give God in whatever form which will assuage fear, pain and sorrow. It is only when this is done that spirituality can soak into the heart. If you act contrariwise, instead of spiritual feelings you will be promoting atheism itself.

The Sai-principle has no egoistic urge
There are villages where people struggle for want of water to drink. The Government cannot by itself provide all these conveniences.Without the cooperation of the people the Government cannot do anything. Government is not a free entity. It is based on people's support. It can work only when the people cooperate actively. Without depending on Government, you must carry on the development of society through your own strength. That is real saadhana, real seva. Strive to become embodiments of prema. Be ready to offer all your capabilities and skills to the Lord of All. It is God's Love that rewards you when you engage yourselves in japa, thapa or yaaga (Repetition of God's name, penance, ritual of sacrifice). What greater achievement can you strive for than receiving Love Divine from God?
However, you must understand well the nature and significance of this Love. You are now
experiencing and sharing this Love at the level of your awareness of the Principle. This is a
mistake. It is too literal an interpretation. The Principle of Love has no trace of ego or blemish. It is fully free from selfish attachments. Whatever Sai does, whatever Sai thinks, whatever Sai says, whatever Sai observes, it is all for your sake, not for Sai's sake. My only desire is your joy, aanandha. Your aanandha is My aanandha. I have no aanandha apart from yours.
You might infer, "Swami is doing this---is doing that." But it is not for my sake; it is for your sake. Last year on the Birthday, I spoke on this point. For my sake (believe it or not) I do not spend even a naya paisa. Whatever I do, I do for the society only. Though 56 years have passed, I have not got even one shirt or gown stitched for Me. I am now wearing what is given by a student, Radhakrishna of the Kingdom of Sathya Sai. Not today, but since the beginning, the thought that "I must have this or that" has never arisen in Me. It is not arising now. It will not arise at any time. Whatever thoughts arise in Me are only for the peace and welfare of the world, for the progress of youth, and for transforming ideal boys and girls who will lead. others along the path. You must dedicate yourselves for rendering enthusiastic service to the people of the world, recognising that the Sai-principle has no egoistic urge.
The days of victory are coming
When this month is over, I will be journeying all over Bhaarath, blessing those who are unable to come here because they have neither the strength nor the resources to do so. I wish to afford them the chance and give them joy. An important point Instead of arranging programmes for Swami in towns and cities, have them in villages. Reduce expenses and save money in order to provide facilities in the villages. I desire to move about in every village. But, you have to make proper preparatory arrangements. I can even come on foot but hundreds of thousands of people are bound to gather and you must see that they are well looked after. When you undertake to fulfil this need in a village, I will be coming and spreading the principles and practice of Bhaaratheeya culture. I am resolved to foster aanandha through the revival and re-establishment of the Bhaaratheeya way of life. This will happen without fail. Bhaaratheeya dharma can certainly be offered to other countries. There is no need to despair or indulge in self  condemnation. The days of victory are coming. We can sound the drum of triumph.
Embodiments of the Divine Aathma, you may not be able to see it, but it is clear before My eyes. As days pass, even those who are now not able to recognise the truth of Swami will have to approach with tears of repentance and experience Me. Very soon, this will be worldwide.
Swami is now restraining this development. When once it is allowed to manifest, the whole world will be transformed into Prashaanthi Nilayam. 'So, come forward, all of you, determined to practise in daily living the ideals laid before you. In the coming years, you may not get the chances you are having now. You will not have the opportunity to be so near. Millions will rush to this place and gather here. This will happen soon and so, earn the  compassion of Swami and his Love through seva activities and fill your lives with meaning.
Sai movement will advance more triumphantly
The diamond is cut into various facets. Its price increases with each facet added unto it by the
cutting, for its beauty shines better and better. Those who cannot tolerate the progress of the
Organisation of the Sai-Principle it embodies and unfolds, might decry or defame, ridicule or
obstruct; the movement will not falter. It will advance more triumphantly, the greater the
obstruction. These will only foster and help the spread and the splendour. Hate springs from an
evil nature, from asuuya (envy). But the movement is based on the absence of anasuuya (envy).
Do not pay attention to such things. Vow among yourselves to follow the ideals and the duties
that have been laid down and devote yourselves to Swami’s work.
Having come to this place and availed yourselves of this opportunity, treasure in your hearts the things you have seen and heard and resolve to plunge into practising them. Your resolution and your practice must happen simultaneously. Have a master plan and start from tomorrow the execution of the programme, drawn in consultation with others. This must happen to all countries. Do not think that only the Andhra State is Sai's. All are Sai's. All are one. We must endeavour by all means to realise and establish this truth in this Kali Yuga.
This is the message I am giving you to-day. I am fulfilling all your desires. So you must fulfil this one desire of mine.

I bless that you have long life, good health, aanandha, Peace and Prosperity and that you will devote your physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual strength and skills for the services of the country and of all mankind.
Discourse by Bhagavan at Prashaanthi Nilayam on 23-11-1982

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