Saturday, 1 June 2013

From Team Venugaanam's Desk

We are delighted to bring to you the June 2013 edition of Venugaanam. We are also very happy to invite all of you for the house warming ceremony of the children’s home on 3rd June at 9:30 am. The first few children who have been identified as the first inmates will also participate in this function.

This edition  begins with Swami’s  Divine exhortation  to all to have sincere  faith in God and His  words. Read this  discourse of Swami and  know His message in  His own words.
In  Atmajyothi, we start with a  new series of discussion on Narada Bhakthi Sutras. These Sutras or aphorisms contain the secret of true devotion and highlight its glory.
Bhargav shares his thoughts on the state of the Chitravathi River in Puttaparthi today.The river which once gurgled with joy has been reduced to a tiny stream of dirty water and needs urgent attention.
“Science makes progress by asking questions and it goes on asking questions until it finds the answers. So, science is a matter of knowledge and faith doesn't come in to it.”- so believed the young man until he met his match. Read this real life incident recounted by Don Mascon.
God is there with us at each and every step. He shows His presence ever so subtly. Read this article of Dr Muruganant entitled: “The Journey with Sai because of Sai.”
What is needed to make the stone image respond and speak to us? It is a child’s innocent faith opined a wise man. Little Saishweta’s experience in Kids Corner is an apt illustration of this statement.
Swami would often say: “Would I put you in the crucible of fire, if it were not for the fact that you will come out brighter than before. Examinations help you to know where you stand and how you can improve”. In the article- “Test is to His taste- Part 2”, Vinod  shares an experience from his student days when Swami put them through the crucible of fire.
There have been some significant developments last month.  By Swami’s grace the construction and building work for Phase 1 of Sai Krushna Mandir is almost complete. The next few weeks will involve the installation of solar street lights outside the building final coat of interior and exterior wall painting and other small cleaning and fixing jobs to have it ready in time for operations by end June. Solar hot water facility is also being considered subject to availability of funds. The boundary wall work is also progressing rapidly. The members of the SKM construction team are also making frequent site visits to monitor the quality and quantum of progress. Read more and see some recent photos in the construction update.

We also invite applications for a cook and watchman for the children’s home once it starts functioning from June.
We are happy to have your feedback on how to make ‘Venugaanam’ a better communication tool. You may kindly mail us at . Do feel free to share with us your experiences in following Swami’s teachings or on any other theme of your choice.

We invite our Lord to grace the occasion on 3rd June and pray Swami blesses children and inmates so that they may all come up to His expectations. May Swami turn our lives into a celebration of His message of love, sharing and caring.

With All our Prema,
Team Venugaanam
Sai Krushna Charitable Trust

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