Friday, 1 March 2013

The Journey Within- Part 9

S Sriram

The Drama of Life! [Part - II]

Last issue we started with the topic that while everybody says they want to be happy, somehow it seems to be elusive. Toward the end of the post I suggested that probably it was part of the drama of life to stay where we felt ‘stuck’ although it is but a ‘choice’ that holds us where we are on any given day. A very simple example: I once worked with a lady who suffered from chronic migraine. During the discussion I mentioned that any ache or pain is actually a subconscious choice by the soul for some reason. When that ‘payback’ from the pain or ache is understood and achieved through an alternate means then it would certainly disappear. She was very unhappy to hear that and asked me, “Why would anyone choose to hold on to pain?” Well this series of posts called ‘The Drama of Life’ is dedicated to answering that very question.

As I mentioned today we start looking at solutions and how we could wean away from a subconscious habit of holding on to a negative situation in life. The first step is ACCEPTANCE.

Accepting Yourself:
First and foremost, most people truly do not accept themselves. They tend to look back at either past achievements or goof ups and praise or deride themselves. Or at times they look toward the future and imagine a good or bad consequence coming out of their past and present choices. In doing so, a) they are missing being ALIVE in the moment that IS and b) they unwittingly choose not to accept themselves as they are. As long as one does not like himself it would not be possible to move ahead in life. So the first step is to accept oneself.
Mirror Technique: This involves just looking at yourself in the mirror and saying to yourself "I Love and Accept You... as you are". Take note of the emotions and feelings that go through you as you do this. Do not judge, only observe. Over time you will start finding some insights coming up about yourself and more importantly you will find self-acceptance setting in.

Accept where you are at:
Consider that you wanted to book a ticket from place A to place B online. When you open the booking page it is imperative that you enter the ‘From’ location to be able to meaningfully give a destination location and thereby procure a ticket or a route map isn’t it?! In a similar way we need to first acknowledge to ourselves where we are. It means we have to acknowledge the good, the bad and the ugly truths of the current situation. Some get stuck with the bad and some with only the good. Either way is not helpful.

Note that it is once we have accepted ourselves and support ourselves that we will have the strength to be able to acknowledge the current situation correctly without getting away with the emotional disturbances that it may bring along.

This is the first step. If you are faced with issues try this today. It would be a good few days or weeks before we completely get to a point where feel unconditional acceptance. There is likely to be ups and downs and forward and a little backward moment when we start. There could also be a rush of memories and issues from the past that we may need to heal. Simply observe and reiterate that you shall finish what you have started. Don’t judge; don’t criticize yourself. Just be.

In the next part I shall describe the next step which begins with forgiveness.

Please feel free to write to and I’m grateful to all those who have enriched my life with your feedback, suggestions and experiences.

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