Friday, 1 March 2013

Golden Moments-5

Soumya Roopa

   We were completing our B.Ed course and longed to be called by Bhagawan to receive the shower of His ambrosial words, His love and Blessings as we left the portals of His university enter into His universal university. We will cherish forever the nectarine grace we received that afternoon-8th April 1988……2.30pm, Sunday at Trayee Brindavan.

                   Bhagawan was standing at the entrance with His hands behind Him, smiling. As the first one entered Bhagawan said-“perfect, perfect, punctual”. He then asked us all to sit down. Bhagawan kept standing, then He said ,”when daughters come to their mothers house and are leaving, they must not be sent empty-handed. So, I am giving you this, Bhagawan gave each of us two notes of Rs 50 (Rs 50 + Rs 50=Rs 100) totaling to Rs 100/- . We were touched and surprised. He gave us the love of more than a thousand mothers! Then we offered Him pakodas, He took the plate and distributed it to us. We held our pakodas and requested Bhagawan to eat first. Bhagawan said “I don’t eat anything in the evening but since it has been made with bhakthi I will have it”. Then Bhagawan ate a pakoda while we ate ours and quickly tried to hold His feet. He joked with us that all the oil from the pakodas would be on His feet! He told us all to sit comfortably, then Bhagawan started speaking.
Bhagawan said, “All of  you will not be teachers , but , all of you will be mothers. Teach your children good moral values, human values, tell children not to touch others thing without their permission. To ask and then see. Teach children not to steal, fight or use bad words. Teach children practical things like – we must look on either sides before we cross the road.
                   Bring up your children yourself. Father is the seed, mother is the earth. The soil on which the seed sprouts and grows must be good.  The seed should be good but the soil is important for life- long tree. Therefore mothers are important for the well-being of children.

                   Pregnant women should have good thoughts. Now a day’s pregnant woman see 2-3 cinemas a day. This is very bad, so they get “cinema children”. There is a chord which connects the mother and the child, what it is called? We answered “Swami, umbilical chord” Bhagawan said “yes, yes, the umbilical chord which connects the mother and the child”. Not only food, all the thoughts of the mother is carried to the child through it. So, the mother should have good thoughts. She should see, hear and read only good things. A pregnant lady should read Bhagawatam, Prahlad charitra or Dhruva charitra.
To change them, if the wife becomes devoted to God and prays for the welfare of the husband there could be some improvement in his character.
                 Look after your children yourself; do not leave them to be cared for by the Ayaas (maids). Ayaas and drivers have affairs. They go to the beach, park, cinema etc taking the child with them. The child listens to their conversation and learns bad things. The child becomes too attached to the ayaas(maid). It reaches a point that if the mother dies the child will not cry but if the Ayaa dies the child cries. A Mother’s touch, look and words are very important for a child’s development .

                Do Bal-Vikas even for 4-5 children. Be good wives, have understanding. Women tend to misunderstand. Adjustment is very important for women. When the husband returns home late from office doesn’t start scolding and questioning him-“why are you late? Whom were you meeting? etc. First give him water, tiffin and coffee. Talk nicely and then softly and gently ask him why he was late to return. Then the relationship will be good.

                After this, Bhagawan gave us handfuls of Lingam- shopped sweets and said, “see, I am giving so many lingams. ‘He gave us vibuthi packets. One girl said “Bhagawan please show me a miracle “Bhagawan looked at us and said “My love is my greatest miracle”. Then He created vibuthi right in front of the girl who was requesting for a miracle and said “Dekha Sai ke Krupa” (Look at Sai’s compassion) and He applied vibuthi dots on each of our foreheads. He permitted a few group photographs to be taken.

                 We requested Bhagawan to be permitted to speak in the bhajans hall, Bhagawan said, “When you speak, some people may criticize you or laugh at you. You are girls, you may feel bad”. I said “ Bhagawan, you will speak through us”, Bhagawan asked “How many of you want to speak?” A few of us put up our hands, Bhagawan said “chustamu” (I will see) we wondered when He would permit us to speak. We were surprised that our request had been granted so quickly- just a few minutes. We had to speak extempore without preparation - one student from Brundawan spoke after us. After which Bhagawan said –“Panch Prana”-5 vital air.

                  Later at the Trayee session Bhagawan asked students, “How did my girls speak” the student said “Ok swami”, Bhagawan asked Mr. Narasimhan, the Sanathana Sarathi editor-“How did my girls speak”. He replied –“Swami they spoke well. Anyway, they are going to be teachers so they know how to speak. Bhagawan said, “Not only teachers-Mothers”. Then Bhagawan said-“My girls will spread my message like parrots. My boys will spread My message like Lions”.


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