Thursday, 3 April 2014

SKM Updates

School Examinations:  Between March 20th and 28th the children of Sharavathi Higher Primary School had their final examinations. The children prayed to Goddess Saraswathi – the epitome of knowledge and wisdom in the first week of March.  The examination test papers had been screened to ensure that the children are tested more on the basis of skills and basic information than focusing on rote learning. Besides basic subject information, the children were also assessed on oral skills so that it helps teachers to identify improvement areas. 

New English Medium school coming up shortly:

The school committee came up with its recommendations which were presented in the trust meeting.  The Trust will be coming up with a new English medium school soon. The new school will also provide completely free education to the children. The model of schooling will be largely skill based wherein children move from class to class based on skills developed. Also the classrooms will be specially designed to encourage collaborative and experiential learning. The trust firmly believes that the children should be provided with the best opportunities for self-development.  Applications are sought for English medium teachers willing to help the school to grow from its nascent stage. This is a very exciting and involving role and only genuinely interested candidates need apply. The right applicant will be suitably compensated with added benefits.
Currently the building is in architectural drawings stage. Alternative building technologies which may be cost effective and durable are being explored.  It is expected that once drawings are finalized, the construction will be completed within 12-16 weeks.

Summer Vacation at SKM:
It is summer time and the children have gone for the vacations. Even as the children have gone home for a vacation, the SKM team is now actively engaged in identifying suitable children to be enrolled in SKM from next year. The team is also invites applications for a  warden on paid basis. The major duties of the warden will involve supervising the children, helping them with their homework and co-curricular activities. Knowledge of computers, record maintenance and driving skills will be bonuses on this job.
We look forward to all your active involvement and participation in this God given opportunity. We also welcome you to come and visit the site and participate in the activities of Sai Krushna Mandir. We pray that Swami’s grace will crown our genuine intentions and He will continue to guide and bless the children and residents to live in a happy home and grow to his ideals.

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