Friday, 10 July 2015

Apps-Technology Changing Our Lives

by Prakash Srinivasan

Apps are revolutionizing our lives every day for the better because they make any service available to us at our finger tips. Here is a look at some apps across categories. This is apart from the first-installed ones like Whatsapp and other anti-virus apps.

1. Banking: Only a decade ago, we used to visit bank branches for even withdrawing cash and for doing the smallest transactions but today we can do almost everything through banking apps. New banking innovations like IMPS ensures that money transfer can be done instantaneously within seconds. Even larger money transfers can be done through this route. Concepts like tablet banking having further ensured we might never need to visit a bank branch.

2. Taxi apps: GPS has proven to be a boon and has led to the emergence of many taxi services like Uber/Ola, who can be booked with literally one click. Gone are the days of calling the customer care and waiting for a taxi and now, with these apps you can locate and track your vehicle and see in how many minutes they will arrive. The middle class too can afford a cab as in many cases, it works out cheaper than even autos! Moreover 4 people can go in a cab but they cannot use an auto.

3. E-Commerce: The e-commerce industry is probably the most happening industry today and they obviously would be the first ones to jump in the app bandwagon. In fact, some e-commerce companies like Myntra have closed down their website and have only apps from where customers can shop for products. Most of them strongly encourage their customers to use the app when a customer logs into their website through a mobile or a tablet. Another related industry which has gone the app route is groceries where companies offer free delivery for the monthly groceries, e.g. BigBasket, Zopnow.

4. Mobile/Internet recharges: This is another small industry where customers have seen a huge value-addition in paying their prepaid/postpaid bills through apps rather than going to shops to do the same. Once can sit on their couch and pay off all their bills. Companies like Paytm has wonderfully integrated recharges and ecommerce seamlessly and it’s giving them multiple benefits, no wonder Paytm is one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in India today.

5. Food Delivery: This is probably the newest area where many players have launched their apps. We can choose foods across restaurants and categories and get them delivered for free. Some restaurants have their own app too and apps also allow you to even book tables at restaurants.
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