Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Swami's Discourse- Revere and Love Your Parents

There is a subtle difference between caste and culture. You belong to the caste of humanity, for, there is only one caste - the caste of humanity. It is an inborn gift from your parents. On the other hand, the culture is something that is adopted in your life.
Culture teaches you what is to be done and how. It is based upon certain traditions. None can change your caste which is humanity. Based upon your inborn  caste of humanity, you can follow a culture. Another important point to be noted in this context is that caste and culture devoid of discrimination are not only useless, but harmful too. Your knowledge and sharp intellect are not that important. Discrimination is of utmost importance. You must be able to choose that which is useful and necessary for you. You have to switch on a light when you are in darkness. It is not proper to switch on a light when there is already light in the room.

Dear Students!
It is not knowledge or energy that you have to develop, but the power of discrimination. Whatever object you come across, first enquire with in yourself:
“Is it good or bad, is it useful to me or not?” Before you take up a particular work, think carefully whether it is worth or not. Being a human being, develop the
quality of humanness. Do not at all cause pain to your parents who are responsible for your birth. The Vedas emphasise the need for showing utmost reverence to the parents by declaring, “Matru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava, (revere your mother and father as God).
Children today do not care for their parents. They consider wife, the ‘artificial doll’, as the central point of their life. They follow the dictates of the wife, ignoring the parents who gave birth to them and nourished and nurtured them all through undergoing several difficulties. You may love your wife-  that is good. But, you should obey your parents too. Parents deserve your utmost concern. All others come after the parents. First and foremost, you love your mother and follow her commands. It is only when you make her happy that your life too will be happy. If she sheds tears for any reason, you will have to suffer for your entire life time. There are very few people today who have recognised the value of a mother’s
love. If the mother were to say something they try to snub her saying, “Keep quiet; I know everything.” Yet others bluntly tell her, “Shut up. You need not advise
me. I am highly educated. I have taken a number of degrees. Do I not know?” You may have taken degrees in the academic field. But, did you acquire a degree in general knowledge useful for leading a balanced life? Only the parents can teach that knowledge. One has to serve his father and mother and make them happy,
apart from acquiring high degrees. Then only can one lead a happy and peaceful life. These are the things one has to learn and carefully follow in life.
Dear Students!
Do not underestimate the importance of singing
the glory of the Divine name. Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Santi Nahi.....
Participate in bhajans which bring a lot of peace and confer bliss on you.
Bhajan is a group activity where a number of people come together (Samasti) and sing the glory of God. One important point in Bhajans is that everyone should join
in singing the bhajans . There would be a lead singer and all others follow him. If you are not confident of your voice at least repeat the Divine name in your heart. Unfortunately, today people have no time even for that. You may forget any item of work in your daily life. But, you should never forget Namasmarana and
Nama Sankirtana . The Divine name is eternal. Hence, constantly contemplate on the Divine name.
-From Swami’s Divine Discourse on 15-01-2008.

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