Wednesday, 4 September 2013

From Team Venugaanam

We are delighted to bring you the 26th edition of Venugaanam this September.  As we enter into the last quarter of this year, we bring excerpts from Swami’s Divine during a sevadal conference. Read this to know His message of  ‘Seva’.
In Atmajyothi, we continue with a new series of discussion on Narada Bhakthi Sutras. These Sutras or aphorisms contain the secret of true devotion and highlight its glory.

Prakash reveals how Swami’s message of “Constant Integrated Awareness” has impacted his life. He shares the joy of making this one teaching a part of his life.
T R Mist starts continues the new serialized story “the Night” which is bound to keep you hooked on.
Bhargav talks about how precious water is, therefore, “Don’t waste water”.
Sai Krushna Mandir is now a place bustling with activity as the four children have made it their home. To know more about the latest at SKM and how you can volunteer, read the construction update. We  invite applications for a watchman for the children’s home.
We are happy to have your feedback on how to make ‘Venugaanam’ a better communication tool. You may kindly mail us at . Do feel free to share with us your experiences in following Swami’s teachings or on any other theme of your choice.
We pray to Swami to bless all the children and inmates so that they may all come up to His expectations.
May Swami turn our lives into a celebration of His message of love, sharing and caring.
With All our Prema,
Team Venugaanam

Sai Krushna Charitable Trust
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